Inspire as many local people as possible to visit, take part and engage in what has become one of the UK’s leading annual city festivals.

The Bath Festival Team asked us to create a Festival campaign creative concept for 2017 to energise ticket sales and visually take over the city during the 10 day celebration of music and literature.


  • Development of the ‘Jump in’ call to action inviting people to open their minds to everything the festival has to offer
  • Create a simple design concept to frame the call to action and provide a consistent brand look and feel for all material across the city
  • Design and produce the 60-page festival programme, as well as a wide range of collateral for more than 20 participating venues and wider city dressing, including shop windows, buses, lift doors, pendants and cross-street banners.
  • The design was also created as digital assets for the website, social media and display advertising
  • This campaign concept evolved the following year to include the 70-year celebration identity


  • Best combined music and literature event sales since 2012
  • Best music event sales since 2009
  • The first ever multi-arts Bath Festival 2017 comes to a close with record-breaking sales … With total ticket sales of over 20,000, the festival enjoyed the best combined music and literature festival sales since 2012, and had the best year for music events sales since the 2009 Bath International Music Festival, when the festival was 17 rather than 10 days…Reference source

Tickets sold to 130 events over 10 days