The challenge

  • The partners required a campaign that would promote partnership and increase visitor numbers.


  • Strategic proposition ‘behind beautiful Bath doors are 17 museums full of beautiful things
  • Created ‘George-dropping Museums only in Bath’ concept with eye-popping single colour design
  • Creative illustrations of the four King Georges
  • National and local, digital and print campaign, leveraging all partner opportunities and channels
  • ‘Guerrilla’ on-street campaign


  • Buy-in from 17 museums which had not worked together before
  • Increased visitor numbers by 3.1% over the duration of the 6-month campaign
  • Mobile digital voucher with downloaders averaging visits to 3 different museums, comfortably delivering the minimum of 1 or more museum visit target
  • The success of this campaign led to three further campaigns over a two-year period and a fundraising campaign for The Holburne Museum.
    • Soak Up Some Culture
    • Rome around Marvellous Bath Museums
    • It’s a Wrap
    • Intrepid Ellen

Increased visitor numbers

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