What makes a home? For us, it’s all about the people you find there.

Our Norwich team have been very happy at Meridian Way but the time has come for us to move to literal pastures new. This December we’ve packed up our desks, bubble wrapped the valuables, and had a thoroughly cathartic clear out.

As of December 2nd our new home is an amazing barn conversion on the beautiful Crown Point Estate in Kirby Bedon.

Thanks to some serious skills that we just so happen to have in-house, we’ve been able to design the space ourselves to make sure everything is just right.

Open plan has always worked well for us but we’re upping the ante just a touch with our new gaff. We’ve chosen dead stylish new desks, and there’ll be no more dividers in between workstations (we might have to hang our stockings from the original beams instead).

We have made sure there’s lots of areas we can work together in teams, whether that’s our break-out mezzanines, or our fancy new meeting spaces as we know our best work is collaborative.

All that’s left to do is break out the baubles and sprinkle a touch of festive charm among the exposed brickwork.

We can’t wait for you to see it.

Pop in anytime, the kettle is always on.

Thissaway New Office


Maddie Russell.

Account Director
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