Our senior team debate the value of industry awards ahead of Cannes Lions 2019 and the British Travel Awards public vote.

“On awards, the quality of work and level of service should speak for itself. While entering and winning is nice, it’s nothing compared to the appreciation of your clients, customers and their peers.”

Peter Joyner, Managing Director

“Personally, I think there’s still value in awards. Clients and consumers are reassured by them and the entry criteria set a clear benchmark for those aspiring to be better. Whether that’s in terms of the work, level of service, development of people or any other aspect of an organisation. They’re a clear sign of endorsement and as important for the team as they are for target audiences. I don’t see that changing soon. In a world where the trusted digital review is king, organisations have to do more to showcase positive experiences online rather than just collect awards.”

Mark Sowersby, Deputy Managing Director

“It’s really about the strength of the award and its brand. The perceived brand value is what will give it meaning, recognition and resonance with audiences. Overall though, I feel the positives: validation, good PR, boost to team morale and external trust; still outweigh any negatives.”

Ed Potter, Creative Director

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