Roam At Home: South Downs Is Where The Heart Is

“The beautiful Sussex countryside will always hold a very special place in my heart.”

We’re a travel, tourism and marketing agency specialising in domestic travel and UK holiday companies.

That means our team are UK travel know-it-all’s, frequently setting off on staycation breaks near and far. We wanted to catch up with some of the team to find out where they love to roam at home and what UK destinations are on their bucket-list for a weekend away.

Walking her way through her childhood home is Maddie who has chosen the South Downs as her staycation of choice.

Where is your favourite destination?
The South Downs.

Have you been there before or is it a place that’s on your bucket list?
It’s where I grew up!

Why is it your favourite or why do you want to go?
I lived a stone’s throw from Midhurst (‘the Heart of The South Downs’) for 16 years. While I fell in love with East Anglia when I studied at UEA, the beautiful Sussex countryside will always hold a very special place in my heart.

What are some of your favourite things to do/or you want to do there?
I’ve walked many a mile through the rolling hills, but I’ve never walked the South Downs Way. I’d love to take some time to complete the walk, popping into some of the little pubs and exploring all the pretty villages along the way. The 100 mile route takes you from Winchester to Eastbourne, and can be split up into a number of shorter, more manageable walks.


Maddie Russell.

Account Director
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