If you are looking to engage and collaborate with digital influencers – whether it be a micro-influencer or a celebrity – here are some tips on how to identify and work with them to ensure a great outcome.

Research is key.

Finding the right digital influencer to work with can sometimes be the hardest part and that is why research is so important. It’s vital that you understand target influencers, their content and what both they and their audiences are interested in. Look at their previous partnerships to see if the content and the level of engagement is to a high enough quality for your brand. Knowing they fit is key to generating the best results and for a smooth working relationship, so don’t skip this crucial step.

Authenticity and trust.

These two key factors go hand in hand and should become apparent in your initial research. Initially recognising that the influencer is trusted by their audience and would likely engage with your brand regardless of the partnership is important as it (a) comes through in their content, (b) makes said content far superior, more trustworthy and influential and (c) is more likely to encourage their audience to engage with your brand.

Be collaborative.

Understand your chosen influencer’s style and approach to work. Initial research should give you a clear idea on the quality of their work and the type of content you can expect from a partnership, including how they might feature your key messages. Let them take the creative wheel. This will result in more authentic work and be the most engaging approach for their audience.

Track the success.

Return on investment when working with influencers is a largely spoken about topic and something you’ll need to know. This can be hard to track but there are a few tactics that should be pre-agreed with the influencer. Ask your chosen influencer to add a trackable link to the content. This can be done through campaign parameters which allow you can track campaigns and see the level of engagement. Another way is to monitor the level of engagement manually across the content they’ve created (shares, likes, comments etc.) or ask for an analytical overview after an agreed amount of time from each post.

Check out Thissaway’s most recent digital influencer partnership where we worked with Oliver Proudlock and Emma Louise Connolly aka ‘The Proudlocks’ who partnered with Hoseasons on a Norfolk staycation to Norfolk Woods Resort & Spa.


Sophie Mace.

Digital & PR Account Executive
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