Getting to the top of the SERPs for your most valuable keywords (and understanding what your most valuable keywords are) is a hugely important part of online brand visibility for hotel chains, boutique B&Bs, and all manner of travel and tourism businesses. For us it’s all about keeping ahead of algorithm updates, ensuring your site is ‘match ready’, engaging, and has higher quality content than your competitors. We understand that fast load times, bounce rates and schema all matter. Great sites with superb UX will keep customers engaged (whether in a B2B or B2C market), and will win coverted backlinks.

Site audits

All our SEO projects begin with a full SEO audit of your site. This allows us to identify technical and UX issues and prioritise problem areas to fix.

Competitor & marketplace analysis

We compare your website to your search competitors to identify your site’s strengths, weaknesses, and potential opportunities based on ranking factors we know are important. Let us know who your competitors are, and we might let you know some that you'd never thought about!

Structural & tech optimisation

Starting with a technical SEO audit, we identify issues with site structure, on-page elements, crawl errors, site security, performance and speed, indexing, and duplicate content. Then we identify opportunities and implement structured data on your website to improve visibility.

SEO content

Our content strategies start with data. We audit the content on your site to identify opportunities and capitalise on them by creating content mapped to keywords and topics. We follow this closely with an outreach link-building campaign to identify link-building needs.